Ben Thomson

Malibu Instruction Specialist

Ben Thomson grew up in the San Fernando Valley and although trips to the beach were frequent, he spent most of his childhood on a skateboard.  At the age of 31 his dad took him to Malibu to try out surfing.  After that one incredible feeling of the wave he was instantly hooked.  He would go every weekend to the beach with his dad on his days off of work and on weekends.  Each wave that he touched was a new breath, a new adventure, a new lesson and a new love.

For many years, Ben surfed with his brother and his dad, traveling the world with a surfboard and a smile. Through his travels he found something to be recurring…the satisfaction and happiness he felt when helping someone else find the same love and respect for surfing that he feels to his core.


His life as a surf instructor began with teaching his nephews and his niece to surf, feeling a great pride as he pushed them out onto their first waves and watched them stand on a board. Then he began teaching friends and even strangers who seemed to be struggling to find the right wave or needed a little tweak in their stance so they could find their balance. He loved every minute of it.

Mahatma Gandhi once said “Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony” Ben’s heart and mind were always at the beach. He decided that his physical body needed to follow to find his happiness. Ben left his profitable but less-than-inspiring job in 2009 to follow his dream. He has been teaching others to surf ever since.  It gives him a sense of pride knowing that he could bring a smile to a students face with each lesson.

In 2009 Ben heard about a non-profit organization called Best Day Foundation. This organization gives children with special needs the chance to be out in the ocean learning how to surf, boogie board and kayak. Ben immediately got involved and has spent many hours volunteering his time to share his love of surfing with those who may never have had that opportunity without this organization. Ben is excited to have blended his passion with service to the community in this extraordinary way.

Ben teaches children and adults to find a confidence and peace on a surfboard. He is a patient and understanding teacher who never judges success or failure based on results. He judges success on how his students feel and if they are growing from the experience. Because of his teaching style and philosophy his students all find what they are seeking. Whether it is to overcome a fear of the ocean, to be a weekend warrior on the waves or to catch one wave to be able to say they have done it.  Ben is the perfect teacher to walk them through their personal journey.