Longboard Surf Consultancy

Video Evaluation

TSI offers specified surf consultancy for intermediate/experienced longboard surfers via video evaluation.


Step 1: Upload a video of your surfing via the uploader below.
Step 2: Once your surfing has been evaluated, you will be sent back a training video with recommendations on how you could improve your surfing.
Step 3: Watch the training video on your mobile device or desktop before surfing, and focus on the surfing skills that need correction
** As your surfing progresses, send another video for evaluation of your progress!


  • More fun when surfing as you become more successful on a daily basis
  • Training that is individualized to YOU, maximizing your understanding and progression
  • Unique self-paced training, that you do at your home-beach whenever you want
  • On-going advice from Carla Zamora, a world recognized expert with 15 years experience in accelerating and developing surfers’ performances


  • A comprehensive evaluation of your current surfing performance
  • Carla will create a training video for you to view at home before surfing or when traveling, outlining what you currently do well, what could be improved, and how you could improve your performances. Recommended training and training drills will be provided to help accelerate your development in the skills found to require improvement.
  • This video will be sent back to you via the internet, for you to view whenever you require.

Sign Up Now!

    1. Fill out the form
    2. Submit and pay for the service through the “Purchase” button
    3. Upload a video of your surfing via the uploader located below
    4. Once your video is received and purchase is confirmed, your video will be reviewed and a training video will be created outlining Carla’s training recommendations and drills to accelerate your development.


  • BASIC – footage submission ≤ 1 minute = $100
  • DETAILED – footage submission between 1-3 minutes = $200
    • Includes multiple video evaluations (1 @ beginning of each month + 1 @ completion), direct line of communication… ask anything, anytime!
      • 3 months (4 videos) = $400
      • 6 months (7 videos) = $700
      • 1 year (13 videos) = $1,200

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