Jefferson Ganuelas

Nickname: Jeff G.

Hometown: La Union

Number of Years Surfing: I started riding boggie boards when I was in grade school. I’ve been surfing almost 7 years straight now

Stance: Goofy

Longboard, shortboard (or both): Longboard, logs

Favorite Surf Maneuver: Reverse drop knee turn

Love Competition or Soul Surfer: I’m not really into competition, so yeah, I’m a soul surfer

Favorite Male Surfer: definitely AK (Alex Knost)

Favorite Female Surfer: This is a hard question. Before it’s Belinda and Kassia but I’m friends with Carla Rowland and I love her switch foot attack. So yeah, now that would be Carla

Favorite Surf Spot: Jesus Point

Travels Outside of PH: I surfed sunset bay in Dubai, Tanjung Cherating in Malaysia. Been to singapore also.

Dream Destination(s): Malibu

What do you do when its flat: Hang out with friends, fixing boards and training with NoHo.

Favorite Food: My Dad’s version of the tuna kilawen

Favorite Music: I love listening to Mishka, Pepper

Favorite Season of the year: Southswell season. It’s all lefts

Why do you surf? Surfing changed my life. I’m living a simple life now. Surfing taught me a lot about life.

Why do you teach surfing to others? To spread the stoke, and surfing connects you to different kind of people.

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