Junior Ventura

Nickname: Keks

Hometown: San Juan, La Union

Number of Years Surfing: 10 years

Stance: Regular

Longboard, shortboard (or both): Single-fin longboard

Favorite Surf Maneuver: Suicidal Noserides

Love Competition or Soul Surfer: Both

Favorite Male Surfer: Aki San

Favorite Female Surfer: Melai Karaan

Favorite Surf Spot: Jesus Point

Travels Outside of PH: Kuta Indonesia

Dream Destination(s): All over the world

What do you do when its flat: Planting vegetables and creating art

Favorite Food: Tinola and Kilawen

Favorite Music: Juan Dela Cruz Band

Favorite Season of the year: December, because it’s Christmas

Why do you surf? I grew up in a surfing community, all your friends surf, so why not surf? Besides, surfing taught me a lot of things about life.

Why do you teach surfing to others? For them to experience the joy and happiness surfing can give….. and to earn money of course!

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