My name is Felisha Reid. Ventura County has been my home for many years. I remember growing up on its beaches, and collecting pretty shells the ocean had left behind. When I was a teenager I recall looking at surfer magazines, and seeing the beautiful places these surfers had visited. The idea of travel, waves, food and adventure remained on my mind into my adulthood. Not long after my coming of age I decided to go on an adventure with my partner for a month-long trip to Indonesia. The thrill and culture of travel rose inside me, and the following year I went to New Zealand. In my future I see many more adventures to these beautiful places. All my adventures are fueled by my love for nature, hiking, running, and surfing.

My real passion for surfing began 6 years ago, and has continued to consume my life with each year I add to my experience. My journey with surfing has shaped who I am today, making me understanding, loving, creative, and patient. I spend most of my time outdoors, but when my body needs a rest my creative side will often draw. I believe that life can be many things, but it should hold happiness, good memories, and be wholesome.