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The Surf Institute’s mission is to build an international community of like-minded people who are interested in sharing their love and knowledge of the ocean and surfing with others. The Surf Institute offers surfing enthusiasts legitimate and insightful guidance regarding all things surf, from both the experts and from readers like YOU! Whether it’s learning how to construct the surfboard you ride or discovering how to ride it, The Surf Institute is dedicated to offering surfing aficionados comprehensive advice and instruction for all levels and abilities.

TSI Online

Landlocked? TSI now offers expert advice through online classes!

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Whether you learn best by listening, seeing, or doing, TSI's detailed instruction will offer insight not available elsewhere

No Surf? No Prob

When the waves aren't cooperating or your schedule can't fit in time for a board meeting, TSI's online coaching will help keep your game on point

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Refine your skills on land and see the results as soon as you hit the waves

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Receive personalized advice from professional surfers and coaches


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TSI Online

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