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Sharing the love and knowledge of the ocean and surfing with others





The Institute

The Surf Institute’s mission is to build an international community of like-minded people who are interested in sharing their love and knowledge of the ocean and surfing with others. The Surf Institute offers surfing enthusiasts legitimate and insightful guidance regarding all things surf, from both the experts and from readers like YOU! Whether it’s learning how to construct the surfboard you ride or discovering how to ride it, The Surf Institute is dedicated to offering surfing aficionados comprehensive advice and instruction for all levels and abilities.

Daily Surf Sessions

Whether you are brand new or already have some experience, surf sessions with TSI will guarantee you a smoother and speedier progression to shredville!

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Competitive Coaching

TSI offers competitive coaching to amateurs and professionals who are focused on improving their contest skills, helping them to reach champion status!

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Historic Success

The comprehensive program developed by TSI has been perfected and proven successful. Hear what student's have to say about TSI's exclusive method.

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