Empowered Women at the 2nd Annual Philippine Wahine Classic

October 4 & 5, 2014, Sabang Beach, Baler, Aurora Philippines – The 2nd Annual StokedInc. Philippine Wahine Classic (PWC), created by The Surf Institute’s Carla Rowland, was presented this year by Ford Philippines, JackTV, and Solar Sports and hosted by Roy Angarra at Aliya Surf Resort. Bigger and better than its inaugural year, this year’s Philippine Wahine Classic touted a bit more excitement in every category.

Malihini Longboard competitors ready to show their stuff!

Firstly, the competition received generous backing from Ford Philippines, JackTV, and Solar Sports, along with incepting partner, StokedInc., which afforded the finalists prize money, a first for the event. Due to the large, 5-8 foot surf that presented itself Saturday morning, the competition was moved to the fickle, but ideal, righthander named Secrets, situated just south of Aliya Surf Resort. The first division to take a taste of the fabled sand point rivermouth was the Malihini Longboard. In well overhead waves, 33 novice women set their fears aside and rose to the test in challenging conditions, 20 of them advancing into the next round. Following the beginner longboard gals, the Open Shortboard and Open Longboard contestants battled it out in hopes of making it to the finals where they could take home the top 30,000 php prize.

PWC 2014 Open Longboard champion, native Californian, Candra Jordan, earned her title with five toes over…

This year’s event also saw more talent! Coming all the way from California to give the defending Open Longboard AND Open Shortboard champion, Daisy Valdez, a run for her money was Santa Cruz longboard stylist, Candra Jordan, and competitive shortboarder from Ventura, Michelle Watson. With conditions similar to that of their homebreaks in Southern California, Candra and Michelle both should knowledge and skill for fast, righthand, peelers. Never to let anyone off easy, Valdez, was sure to keep everyone on their toes by displaying her incredible strength and energy for her petite size. Winning all her heats up to the final, Daisy was definitely the lady to beat. Also a top contender, coming all the way from Daet, Mocha Edusma, wowed the judges and spectators in both divisions showing that she is a tough competitor, no matter what size board she rides. The finals saw pristine, glassy conditions with waves a bit smaller than the morning heats. Despite her fierce fight to hold onto her titles, Valdez came short in the Open Longboard. It was Jordan, whose critical noserides and left-go-right fades, that sealed the deal. In the Open Shortboard; however, Daisy was able to keep a tight grip on her champion status with her small, but mighty power.

Another crowd favorite was Edusma’s pupil and team mate from Daet, Josiela Delos Santos. Although she only snagged the third place prize in the Open Shortboard division on Saturday, it was Delos Santos who was on fire on Sunday during the Ford Expression Session, finding a long right hander in what was mostly short beach break walls. With gouging turns that sprayed fans of water into the air, Josiela took away the 10,000 php prize for best wave.

“The Michelle’s” – Californians Michelle Kalisher and Michelle Watson making memories while playing with the local kids.

The Malihini divisions were concluded on Sunday in front of Aliya Surf Resort. In conditions not as treacherous, but still rather large, the novice ladies swallowed their fears and charged the wild waves. Making it all the way to the finals of the Malihini Longboard Division, Elaine Abonal took the top seed by selecting higher quality waves and showing control while riding them. Easily the darling of the contest, little 10-year-old Vea Estrellado, traveling all the way from Gubat, Sorsogon with her 13-year-old sister, Vanessa, and her coach, Bidge Villarroya, wowed both spectators and judges in the Malihini Shortboard with her aggressive paddle outside to the clean-faced waves. There she proceeded to work her own way into some of the longest waves of the division and earned herself the champion nod. With the support of Ford Philippines and JackTV, the Malihini champions each received 10,000 php, a first for an amateur competition!

Finally, a tradition started with the first event, The Surf Institute awards one competitor at the Philippine Wahine Classic the title of Wahine of the Weekend. This award was created in memory of the ultimate wahine, Mags Martin, who lived life fully and completely. This year’s recipient, Mocha Edusma, showed her generosity and selflessness by chaperoning, mentoring, and loving her young team from Daet and Sorsogon, as well as bringing her own A-game to compete with some of the best talent in the Philippines, if not the world.


  1. Elaine Abonal – 10,000php
  2. Diamond Rose Lumba
  3. Xynith Martillo
  4. Janine Agbon

  1. Vea Estrellado – 10,000php
  2. Annie Chua
  3. Edeline Payawal
  4. Misty Heath

  1. Daisy Valdez – 30,000php
  2. Mocha Edusma
  3. Josiela Delos Santos
  4. Carla Sebastian

  1. Candra Jordan – 30,000php
  2. Daisy Valdez
  3. Carla Sebastian
  4. Mocha Edusma

  • Mocha Edusma

  • Josiela Delos Santos – 10,000php