Wetsuit Maintenance

For those of us not fortunate enough to live near and surf in warm, tropical waters, the wetsuit is a fundamental component to doing what we love. Unfortunately, the more we surf, the more we use our equipment and in turn, the more wear-and-tear our surf gear endures. We all know the cost involved in purchasing these items, especially wetsuits, can be significant, so taking good care of them is in our best interest.

Here are some simple ways to preserve one of the most integral elements of surfing:

•   Thoroughly rinse your wetsuit with fresh water after EVERY session. When an unrinsed suit dries, the salt also dries and makes the suit dry and crusty. This contributes to damage to the ankles, wrists, and collar, as well as, to the seams.

•   Do not hang your suit on a hanger, especially when wet. Over time, the weight of the wetsuit hanging on a narrow hanger wears the shoulders thin. Instead, drape it over a railing or in half through a plastic hanger.

•   If you are available to do so, flip your wetsuit as it dries. The colder and/or more moist the weather, the longer it can take to dry your suit. Rotating and turning it right-side-out can help speed up the process.

•   Purchase a biodegradable wetsuit shampoo to wash and soak your wetsuit every so often. This helps eliminate the bacteria that forms from frequent use.