Learn how to maintain style AND composure when under the heat of the competitive spotlight

Competitive surfing is not for everyone. Performing at one’s best during a short, predetermined time requires focus, drive, and perseverance. While it is often believed that surfing is too subjective to be judged fairly, there are techniques and strategies that can help ensure a competitor victory.

TSI’s Carla Zamora has more than 10 years of personal competitive experience. In addition to many years as a competitor, Carla has also spent a number of years working behind the competition scene as a judge, tabulator, beach marshall, organizer, etc. In 2017, Carla gave expert training to the professional longboarders of the Peruvian national team, helping the entire team earn a gold medal in the 2017 Pan American Games. In 2018, Carla guided top-ranked longboard professional, Chloe Calmon, who achieved 11 out of 12 podium finishes. Thus far in 2019, she has added to her collection of top-notch surfers, Elena Vtorova of Russia and 2019 PanAmerican Longboard Silver Medalist, Julian Schweizer of Uruguay.

How It Works

There are a number of ways to receive expert coaching and pertinent feedback before, during, and/or after a competition. Depending on the level of coaching desired, the location of the event, whether a webcast is available or not, training can be received in person or virtually through use of a number of applications like WhatsApp, Facebook, and WSL (for live feeds & scores). Those receiving competitive coaching can expect to learn/improve on, technical maneuvers, heat strategy, and understanding the judges.

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